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Tinja-colored-big One of the things I get asked about more than anything is how to pitch to networks and how to sell a show.  I get asked this because my friends know I’ve done it successfully 13 times and counting. It’s a hard thing to do and many artists have great ideas but don’t know how to get them seen. Some of the biggest questions I get asked are…

  • What goes into the series bible everyone talks about?
  • What’s a One-Sheet? Do I need art for a pitch?
  • How much writing do I need to sell an idea?
  • What happens when you get in the room to pitch?
  • How do I contact the networks to pitch?
  • Do I need representation?

Yeah that’s a lot of questions to be sure but luckily I have the answers to all of them! If you’re interested in having your project or presentation reviewed with detailed notes on how to improve it I’d be happy to help. I can do it either via Zoomvor Google Meetings. A Phone conversation works fine too if you prefer. I charge $200 per hour (in advance) for a consultation payable to the Paypal account:

A couple of satisfied clients:

I had the pleasure to first meet Mike at a seminar he was giving at the Silver Academy about how to pitch your idea to a studio. I followed that up with a one on one pitch review a couple of months later. Mike’s observations and input have helped me created a package that I will be ready to take to the major studios. His insights have been an enormous help in custom tailoring my idea to fit the current studio tastes and sensibilities. As an animator I felt confident with my understanding of the industry but with Mike’s input it was like getting to sneak a peak behind the curtain and see a whole other world. I am so appreciative that he helped me gain that perspective before ever having to step into a pitch meeting.

Alex Marston

“I met Mike at a Development 101 class and was impressed by his knowledge of the animation development process.

I hired him for a private session to help me refine one of my personal projects and learned what I needed to improve upon, and also gained a better understanding of how to develop a comedy cartoon.

If you desire a career in animation creation and development, I recommend a session or two with Mike to help mold your idea into a project that is ready for prime-time.”

Ron Gilmore

If you interested please feel to contact me at:


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