Ribeye the Bullbarian

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There’s just something about ancient history that I always loved and exploring life at that time, especially if we can have fun with it. Ribeye the Bullbarian was an idea my buddy Harry and I came up with back in art school mostly due the fact that we were both huge Conan fans as well as loving Groo and Asterix. It was with this in mind that Harry and I developed Ribeye the Bullbarian novels with Harry writing and me illustrating. The stories revolve around an 18-year-old bull Hero-for Hire named Ribeye with tremendous strength who looks after his 8-year-old brother as they search for their famous long lost father.


Ribeye-jewel-of-Baloni RIBEYE THE BULLBARIAN and the JEWEL OF BALONI Written by Harry McLaughlin Illustrated by Mike Milo The first full-length novel for kids and young adults chronicling the adventures of Ribeye, an Iron Age Bullbarian warrior, and his eight-year-old little brother Cubesteak! The brothers depart the rolling green pastures of Bullbaria on a quest to find their long lost father. Their journey is a perilous one: they must battle hoof to hoof against cutthroat pirates, and learn to survive amid every Bullbarian’s worst nightmare… civilization! When the evil wizard Suvlaki develops a major beef against them, the steaks are raised to dangerous heights, and the brothers must struggle to thwart the dark secrets of the fabled Jewel of Baloni!   Click the book to learn more as well as purchase “Ribeye the Bullbarian and the Jewel of Baloni”.

Ribeye-sands-of_fateRIBEYE THE BULLBARIAN and the SANDS OF FATE Written by Harry McLaughlin Illustrated by Mike Milo Legendary Bullbarian warrior Ribeye and his eight-year-old brother Cubesteak are back for another zany Iron Age adventure! The bulls are off on a quest far from their native home in Bullbaria, traveling through an often unfriendly civilized world. But a sinister warlord has plans in store for them. Once he’s ensnared them in his trap, the brothers find themselves braving the hostile open desert, battling against determined enemies, and trekking across untold miles of time-forgotten wastelands to uncover the stunning mysteries hidden amid the sweltering sands of fate!
Click the book to learn more about the characters as well as purchase the book “Ribeye the Bullbarian and the Sands of Fate”.

Ribeye-Cube There’s over 60 illustrations in each book and the stories Harry wrote were engaging, funny and well thought out. To date we’ve done two Ribeye novels, and we’re talking about doing a third. If you’d like to learn more about Ribeye feel free to check out the main site at http://www.zaptoons.com

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