Woody Woodpecker 2020

Earlier this year (Before the madness) I was extremely fortunate to direct, co-write, storyboard, design and in some cases animate ten Woody Woodpecker 5 minute short cartoons at Splash Entertainment for Universal Cartoons. It was one of the most interesting and fun projects I’ve ever done and trust me when I tell you it’s not easy to write a 5 minute cartoon! Anyway so below is the cartoons I made for Universal. If you happen to like them, please give it a Like on Youtube. Animation done by Cartoon Conrad.

“Woody’s Wake Up” was the first cartoon out of the gate. I co wrote, designed storyboarded and even did some bgs.
“Haunted Hijinks” is my personal favorite of the bunch. Deftly boarded by Sean Bishop it’s a classic story of Woody bragging there’s no such thing as ghosts and that he can spend a night in a haunted house. I designed the house, the interior as well as the ghost.
“Time Warped” has an odd little story behind it. Amazingly boarded by Charles Visser, it was originally rejected by Universal who wanted to go back to script because it’ didn’t feel “Woody” enough to them. Luckily my team and I came up with a ton of gags that actually ended up making this one the studio favorite! Lot’s of Back to the future references in here.
“Nature Nuts” was a fun one to do, also storyboarded by the very talented Charles Visser, it was one of the last to be finished. Oddly enough the guest star Ari the aricari (designed by me) was originally designed for another episode but the studio liked him so much we featured him in a bigger role. In this episode besides directing it and co writing some of the gags, I also designed Bruce the cameraman.
“Birds of a Feather” was great fun to do. Woody is desperate to find some feathers for his mask at carnival but the only one who has some is a peacock who’s still using them! Boarded yet again by Charles Visser, this was probably one of the most slapstick of them all. In this one I designed the peacock as well as most of the incidentals.
“The Bird and the Bees” is a short surrounding “the Flight of the Bumblebee” Well boarded by Chris Headrick it was the most difficult to do simply because there wasn’t much in the way of dialog and those damn bees were a pain in the butt to animate. I designed the bees as well as directed.

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