Flavio is an Italian American dishwasher who works at the Ferget Aboutit Restaurant, in Jersey City, N.J.

Full of confidence and emotion 18-year-old Flavio is set on being a famous inventor someday like his hero Leonardo DaVinci! In his words: “Onea day? Straighta to th’ top!”

Oddball inventions like Lollipop NailsChainsaw ShoesThe Pencilabra and The Seat Saver are just a glimpse into the unique way his mind thinks.
Flavio-The-Sweep-InducerClick the image above to see more goofy Flavio inventions!

From the time he invented a new root beer and it caused his boss to turn into a Were Tree to the time he tried to cure his friend’s headache with his Head Tenderizer and it rubbed so hard when he tested it that it made him think he was a little girl, one thing you can count on when it comes to Flavio is adventure. Flavio is always thinking about how to do something the easier way, not that he’s lazy he just knows it can be done better. Quite often his idea is not always the best way however, but Flavio is undeterred, “Issa bug…” he says. “We fix!”

Full of life and exuberance, Flavio is instantly likable because he likes everyone himself and his energy is catchy. He’s very emotional and all you have to do is hold the door open for him to be told “I gonna put you onna Good Guy List” Conversely do something mean to him and the waterworks flow. He’s not afraid to cry.

Click the image above to see some great backgrounds created for Flavio

The one thing he’s not happy about is that he’s not a big famous inventor like his hero Leonardo DaVinci, who appears to him and gives him advice, his Yoda so to speak, when he gets in trouble.


Flavio works as a dishwasher/waiter at the Ferget Aboutit Pizzeria for Bossman, a rotund pig with beady eyes in a one size too small track suit. Bossman is quite out of shape and yet is always testing his pulse and checking his vitamins. In theory he should be the picture of health with his soccer playing and his X Games mentality yet he constantly falls short. He gets winded just going from the kitchen to the dining area.

Flavio also works with Mr. Frank the cook, a nice laid-back fella who isn’t much wiser and is quite often his partner in crime.


Check out the storyboard from the film!

Since way back at Warner Bros working on the show Histeria, I always wanted to do a cartoon about an Italian character. I created these characters the Bunny Bros and Harry and I did a few short comics about them but it wasn’t until many years later that Flavio jumped out of my brain. When he finally did appear he did it whole and total all in one felled swoop which is something that’s never happened to me before. Flavio was just one of those ideas that just ‘came to me’. It plopped fully whole onto paper and I boarded it straight away until I was done. The only thing I did before I actually boarded it was a little animated Flash piece just to see if you could understand who he was.

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