The Jackalope Boyz-2004

The Jackalope Boyz was the fourth pilot Harry and I did together. It was part of the Cartoon Monsoon series on Warner Bros. Online. The show centered around three brother jackalopes who were sort of like Indiana Jones types. Manuel who wears a fedora just like his hero Indiana Jones, is the leader and oldest brother. He is also a germaphobe. Jaime is an extreme sports freak bent on surfing, jumping, diving or scaling anything and everything on their adventures searching for the world’s most bizarre artifacts. Rounding out the crew is Arriba, baby genius who is trying to “kick binkys and “bottles’.

So you’re running a Museum of Unusual Artifacts, and you need tons of oddball, offbeat artifacts to display. Who are you gonna call on to, to scour the world for weird, bizarre, and off the wall oddities? If you want the job done as no one else can, you’ll call the Jackalope Boyz, that’s who! Manuel, Jaime and Arriba can find a white cat in a snowstorm and have been known to do so! Thought to be myths themselves, Jackalopes are half jackrabbit, half antelope; bred to be the world’s premiere unusual artifact hunters. If they can’t find it no one can! But, wait! Don’t be fooled by their cute ‘n’ fuzzy charm. When unscrupulous artifact snatching rivals get in their way, these Jacks kick butt!

Now of course what show doesn’t have tons of villains to thwart goodness? This show was no exceptionand it hosted a list of villains wishing the jacks to be pan fried with a hint of lemon.

The most prominent was Clauss Vegas a rich German playboy who used had a taste for gambling and used that theme in all his weapons and vehicles.It was a fun show and I was quite pleased with the outcome. If elt that this show had a lot of possibilites but alas I guess no one else did as it sits on the shelf along with the many other creations Harry and I thought up. Still you can see it here! Enjoy!


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