Joe Dugan; Mailman-2008

Joe Dugan is a series of short webisodes  I created to play around with Flash which I was just starting to learn at the time.

It’s a show about a guy, aptly named Joe, who is a bit… off. In every crowd there’s one cynical guy who always has an oddball comment, one who’s always a bit too abrupt with his thoughts or seems to say the wrong thing at exactly the right time. He’s the guy you read about in the papers that has the entire collection of Star Wars toys all in the original blister packs. He’s the guy that can quote from every Tom Cruise movie ever made… even in Chinese! He’s that guy at the buffet table that is not afraid to fill his pockets with shrimp for a late-night snack… tomorrow!

Yes, Joe is an quirky lil’ guy, and yet there’s something warm to him as well. Sure he may lick the packages before he delivers them to you, but he’s not afraid to tell that guy that he can’t ship a dead horse. He’s not afraid top bring up the subject of how stupid it is to sell Horoscope stamps because of the one for Cancer. After all who wants the disease stamp coming to their mailbox? Not Joe that’s for sure!


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