The Knights of Sherwood-2004

The Knights of Sherwood was my next venture into developing a show for a network. Kids WB optioned this idea and it looked very promising until they changed the development team there and shifted the direction they were looking to go.

Still I think this was my best effort and the first for me into the realm of action comedy. It was a fun show with some awesome characters and I think one of my best. Man, the toys alone could have rivaled Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers for sure! I guess I was the only one who saw that… Ahh well, it sits piled up high on the shelf along with all my other pilots in the quagmire of Turn-Around.

A bit more about Knights of Sherwood:
Sherwood Forest! Fabled in song and story as the home of the most famous, best-loved, swashbuckling-est popular hero of all time


Close your eyes as you walk beneath the ancient trees in this storied land of legend, and you can still see him, feather in his cap, swinging from branch to branch, laughing and firing arrows with perfect accuracy as he robs from the rich, gives to the poor, and gives nasty Prince John headaches the size of Stonehenge.

But if you were to open your eyes twenty years past the time of Robin’s adventures, you might see and hear something different. Dark forces, in the form of King John’s armies and sorceries, as well as beasties and villains from our realm and magical realms beyond out understanding, threaten the peaceful community of Nottingham, all of Sherwood Forest, and indeed, the whole of the world. And what of Sherwood Forest’s legendary protector?

Robin Hood has vanished under mysterious circumstances. It is time for a new breed of heroes, teenage best friends in fantastic armor, joking and squabbling with each other as they fight side by side to preserve their land, and to save all of England.

Open your eyes, and you will see them, brave young souls with names that will become as legendary as Robin’s and those of his Merry Men. “For Nottingham,” they cry as they charge into action. “For Sherwood and FREEDOM!”These are THE KNIGHTS OF SHERWOOD!

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