Zaptoon Tales Issue #1

Many years ago in the early 90’s my buddy Harry McLaughlin and I used to make comics. Of course this was before you could SHARE them without having a publisher so they never really got seen by anyone. I DID learn VOLUMES about story, character layout and pacing which I’ve carried with me ever since and truly helped me journey to develop my own series. Anyway here’s the first issue #1 in our run of Zaptoons Tales, seen probably for the first time ever by anyone other than our moms and wives. Harry and I had a ball making these comics even if there was no audience for them and it was also a great example of my progress as an artist because Issue #1 is crap compared to Issue #6 but they were all fun to make. In this issue Charlie and the boys compete for a prize in  “Invention Convention” and get caught up in the plot of some cheaters. Also Charlie visits his Uncle Tiny in Part 1 of “Way Out in the Outback”

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