Dr Dumbkopf-2010

Dr Dumbkopf is a small webisode series I created to have fun with people misunderstanding one another, which is a pretty easy thing to do. The idea stems from a game my mother and father used to play at the dinner table whereby you had to think of an alternate meaning for a word and then someone would argue a yet even different definition. Anyway, I enjoyed it so I thought others might as well. Definitely going to do more of the good doctor cartoons when I have time.

Dr Budro Dumbkopf may have 5 degrees in Bioshemistry, Corsetry and Aromatry and Pocket Science but let’s face it, the guy’s an idiot. You can always count on him to misunderstand, misreperesent or get things completely wrong… and thing that drives his assistant Fredrick and his colleague Dr Bakka insane. And yet his heart is in the right place. Not that he KNOW’s WHERE a heart is… but that’s besides the point.

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