3D Animation and Modeling

I truly LOVE animating in 3d… it’s an amazing medium that allows almost instant feedback. that said it’s one of the most difficult things I’ve ever attempted. So many moving parts which can crash and burn instantly. I don’t care I still love the feel of watching something come to life that I created. Most of the things below were animated in Autodesk Maya but a few were done in 3D Studio Max. I’m not the greatest at Maya by a longshot but I’ve learned more or less how to do everything so that’s at least something! below is some of my freelance animation work.

Here’s a bookend piece for an infomercial a client asked me to do. Not sure why the badger is so angry but it was fun to work on.

Here’s an animated logo I did for Butch Hartman’s Noog Network who is the creator of Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, Tuff Puppy and Bunsen’s a Beast.


Above is an old film I did which I was never quite able to finish. It was meant to be a sort of commercial for two books my buddy Harry wrote that I illustrated. Please excuse the quality because as I was animating the final sequence, my hard drive took a dump and I lost everything and so, the only surviving piece of footage is this temp render I did for a blog post. Sigh… I wish I could have finished it but at least this tiny bit survives. Animated entirely in Maya.

A character I created called Poltergoose who was supposed to be a goose that’s a ghost. He tells awful jokes at the cemetery. I designed, modeled, rigged, animated, lit and voiced this scene.

A quick scene I animated based on my character Planetary Pig and his boss the Chief.

The Football X7 stadium I built to create the best shots for Phineas and Ferb’s My Fair Goalie episode which I storyboarded and co-wrote.

A quick rollercoaster sequence I built in Maya as reference for a sequence in a Phineas and Ferb episode.

A test scene where I took the audio from a WB’s Histeria episode I directed years ago and animated it in Maya. I had planned on animating the entire sequence but you know how it is… Iran out of time and never went back to it.

Rendered Stills from various projects I modeled in Maya.

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